Oct 27, 2009

The Tenth Leper

The book of Luke, chapter 17, tells the story of how Jesus cured ten lepers. They all went off happy. Only one returned to thank Jesus.

This story is interesting because society does not encourage the kind of thoughtfulness displayed by the tenth leper. We in America have so much that we are "used to it" "expect it" and "demand" service from any and all.

Think about the people who make your life good: the cafeteria ladies at your children's school, the bank teller, your church secretary, the custodial staff where you work, the city maintenance worker watering flowers to make your town look nice. Sure they get paid to do their jobs, but how much better do you think they'd work if every once in a while someone said to them, "Thanks for all you do. I really appreciate you."

Even better, write a letter to their boss to go in their personnel file. They'll never forget your kindness.

Try this for one day. Plant random seeds of kindness wherever you go. Practice being grateful. Watch how great you feel at the end of the day. You'll get hooked and want to do it again, I bet. Better yet, you'll make many people happy, set a good example for others (your children?), and make the world a better place, just because you were here, purposely acting grateful.

I wonder what ever happened to the other 9? Did they adopt an attitude of entitlement? Did they demand cures for every other disease they contracted? Gotta wonder. When my children thank me for something, it makes me want to give them more. That's not such a stretch.

Gratitude is endearing. Entitlement is not.

Whom will you, the tenth leper, appreciate today?

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