Nov 2, 2009

Dogs & Babies - The Litmus Test

If you ever want to make some change in your family, work, or community, take the litmus test of dogs and babies to help you decide if it makes sense.

Should we set the clocks ahead an hour in the spring, and back again in the fall? Litmus answer: No. Dogs and babies are on their own schedule, and just because you want to snooze for an extra hour in October, your dog and/or baby will not let you. He or she will be raring to go at the usual time. This policy of time change makes no sense. Several states acknowledge this fact. My state, unfortunately, does not.

Should we tax families to death so that a single wage earner cannot sustain even a lower-middle-class lifestyle? Again, litmus test answer: no. Babies should be with someone who loves them. Who loves them more than their mamas? Dogs want you home. They're not interested in waiting all day for life to begin.

Should we decorate a Christmas tree? Sure! Babies love the bright lights, and dogs... well, never mind.

Everything I need to know I learned from my dogs and babies.

What did you learn today?

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