Nov 10, 2009

Hurricanes & Hunkerin' Down

When Jim Cantore visits your town, look out! He's the hotshot from the Weather Channel who wants to be where the action is.

This late in the season, no one was prepared for a hurricane. So when Ida roared up to a Category 2 and headed for Mobile, hurried preparations were made. Ok, we didn't board up, but we checked water, batteries, radio, and counted 52 cards in the deck for our nonelectric entertainment.

I said special prayers of thanks that the temperature was cool enough that we wouldn't have to endure sleepless nights in unbearable heat & humidity, as we did in previous post-hurricane power outages.

Hurricane Ida made landfall two hours ago. she was downgraded to a tropical storm, and J.D. Crowe said "Jim Cantore [was] downgraded to Arrogant Guy Hanging Out on the Beach."

Even though the storm didn't turn out to be much of a storm, we as a family are counting the bonus time as a great opportunity to do things together: bake cookies, play scrabble, and catch up on reruns of "Touched By an Angel."

Yeah, we'll have to make up these school days. They'll whack a day or two off Thanksgiving or Christmas break. But it's so worth it to have a "surprise" day off. I can hardly wait to get going.

Those little pauses give an unexpected opportunity to reflect & reconnect.

What opportunities will you use to reflect, and with whom will you reconnect today?

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