Dec 25, 2009

News Flash: I'm the Parent

Every time I hear a parent or teacher take a vote, I cringe.

Sure it's nice to be democratic if you're choosing what flavor of ice cream to buy. Matters of discipline and education are not, in my experience, best left to popular vote.

"Time to go to bed now, okay?" That little word at the end just ended your authority and asked for a vote.

"Let's take out our math books, okay?" You either are or are not going to work on math. Whose decision is that to make?

"Put your jacket on, okay?" Why, oh, why are you asking for the child's vote? One of you is the parent. If it matters, TELL him (nicely), "Put your coat on. We're leaving."

TELL him, "It's bed time. Kiss me night night!"

TELL your class, "Open your math text book to page 212."

Assert your authority. One of you is the leader. Only one. Who is it?

Who will you lead to excellence today?

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