Dec 21, 2009

The Ones Who Make Our Lives Easier

A previous post talked about teacher gifts. What about the other people who make my life better & easier? I'm talking about the people you don't think too much about. You only notice if the job DOESN'T get done. If the budget allows, a little Christmas cash is most welcome by those who quietly and efficiently take care of things for you.

I don't have to go buy a newspaper at the store or corner. I have a great newspaper delivery guy. My newspaper is faithfully on my front lawn every morning when I wake up, rain or shine, clear or fog. He's as dependable as the postmen of old.

No traveling to the PO unless I want to. I have a mail carrier who is faithful. That carrier has a sub who wishes to be full time, but is working part time, on the regular's off-day, for years until a full time spot opens up. Rural carriers and their subs use their own vehicles. (You don't have to live on a farm to have a "rural" carrier deliver your mail. Some cities only have rural carriers. It's just a category name.) They get mileage, but they're lucky to break even. Car break down? You better rent or borrow one and get in there to deliver the mail or lose your job.

Monday is recycle pickup. Sure I pay fees to the utility company for water/sewer/garbage, but the guys out in the rain sorting out my bottles from cans make me appreciate my indoor job.

Wednesday is trash day. Stuff at the curb just "magically" disappears. Amazing. Who takes care of that?

Church secretaries have those church bulletins ready to hand out on Sunday morning. The pew pencils are sharpened. The dishtowels in the church kitchen are laundered.

No trophies. No accolades. Just working people faithfully doing their job each day. Each of them contributes to my convenience.

A thank you and a little cash is such a welcome gift. You might just make someone's day. Like they've made yours all year.

Whom are you going to slip a note and some cash this week?

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