Jun 10, 2010

Calendars & Date Books

I live & die by my calendar. The children know that if an item is not on the calendar, it doesn't happen. If you have a meeting to which you need Mom's Taxi, it had better be scheduled.

Not that we don't have room for spontaneity, but when you have so many people going so many different directions, why take chances?

I keep appointments both on my paper calendar and on my cell phone. I can pull up a day on my phone, and see at a glance what I've got scheduled that day. I can even set an alarm so I don't forget any of these appointments.

My phone died a few days ago. The touch screen went out. No calls. No texts. No calendar. The phone was under warranty (for a couple more weeks) and AT&T was nice enough to swap it out for new.

One problem. The new phone didn't have my photos, my ringtones, or (gasp!) my calendar.

Always keep a paper back up. Electronics are fragile. Phones get dropped, lost, or stolen. Don't depend entirely on your electronic organizers. IT Gurus talk about "redundant backups" of data. That means that files on a computer, if they are important, are backed up several times, so that if one of the backups is unavailable, for any reason, the files are still recoverable.

My calendar items are recoverable. Disaster averted. Thanks to paper.

What old fashioned communication will you bless today?

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