Jun 1, 2010

Computer Viri & "Protection" Money

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have long believed that the people who sell virus protection software write the virus programs from which they protect you. How else would they know what anti-virus programs to sell you?

I was proven right yesterday when I learned that one of my computers was infected with something called bankerfox.a. It's a popup that tells you you're infected, then asks you to download their protection software - for a price.

Hey, buddy, give us your money, and we'll make sure ya don't get hoit - heh heh.

Cosa Nostra much?

I read about this virus on a number of sites but was just unable to fix it myself. I sent the computer to my guru who can clean it up for me.

It saddens me that those who are so technologically gifted use those gifts for "the dark side." And if I'm going to have to pay someone to clean up the computer, I trust my guru a whole lot more than I do the guy who gave me the virus in the first place.

Lots of people claim to want to "help" you. Who gets your money today?

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