May 29, 2015

The Cost of "Free"

Words that strike terror in the hearts of mothers everywhere: "Look, Mommy! Mrs. Smith gave us a kitten!"
Oh, but it was free! No cost! No charge! Take it! It's yours!

Next time someone wants to give you something for "free," substitute the word "problem" for the item's name.

Here, take this problem! It's free! I'm giving it to you [so you can be responsible for feeding it, cleaning up after it, and paying for medical care]!

You're such a good friend that I'm going to give you this problem [so that you can pay for insurance, new tires, brakes, and a timing belt and I can feel less guilty about going out and buying something decent].

Honey, look what I got for free - it was put out to the curb! Can you believe someone would just leave a problem out there [for us to haul away so they don't have to look at it, because it's ugly, has no functional value and will take up space in an already cramped living space, bring chaos to our view, our lives and our souls]?

Are you starting to see the cost of free? The only thing people want to get rid of is their problem. They'd love to give it to you.

But you'd have to take it. Does it bring you joy or needed function? Well, ok. Otherwise, don't do it. The cost is too high.

To what "free" gift will you say "No!" today?

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