Aug 28, 2012

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Prepper, Too?

Another hurricane season is upon us, and as responsible adults, we are preparing wisely for it. As Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Isaac entered the Gulf of Mexico, bottled water, bread, batteries, and generators disappeared from store shelves.

Those who are wise don't wait until a tropical storm is in the Gulf. What is wrong with keeping batteries on hand all the time? You don't know when an ordinary thunderstorm (or errant squirrel) might cause a blackout. You don't know when a sewage or chemical spill might require a boil-order on city water.

Generators are one of those nice-if-you-can-afford-it things. It's noisy & smelly, but if it keeps all the food in your freezer from dying, or keeps a fan running so you can sleep in this heat (forget A/C) then it might be a good investment.

Bread? Never understood what it is about hurricanes that makes Gulf residents hungry for bread, any more than I understood what it was about snow that made St. Louisans thirsty for milk, but so it goes. Maybe they figure, I'm at the super center anyway... might as well do my grocery shopping - oh look! A sale on avocados!

Be wise. Don't wait until there's no place to park at the store. If the parking places are all taken, chances are the bread & milk are, too.

For what emergencies are you prepared today?

Edit 8/30/12 We are grateful for the prayers of our friends and families for protection through the storm. We are doing well. Thank you for your kind thoughts. - Connie

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