Aug 14, 2015

Those Surveys

$$$$$   CONGRATULATIONS   $$$$$$$
You have been selected to enter an online survey!
You could win $1000 gift card!

Wow. Does anyone besides me find anything wrong with this?

They're clever; that's for sure. They get your attention with the $ and congratulatory note. Makes you think you've already won.

You've been "selected." You're special! (Put this in the same category as "You deserve a break today...")

You  could enter the survey and NOT win. What happens then? Corporate now has data on thousands (hundreds of thousands, likely) of customers, their email and snail mail addresses, probably their phone number, where and when they shop, what they bought (via barcode - connected records) AND



It saves them from doing their job. Bonus! In the fine Tom Sawyer tradition, they get YOU, the shopper, to evaluate whether their cashiers are fast and friendly, so they don't have to come down to the sales floor and see for themselves.

Wait, you thought it was about the cashiers?

It was about the data all along.

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