Sep 7, 2015

The Middle Class

Unions built the middle class. Before unions, there were the business owners at the top, and the workers at the bottom. There was also child labor, dangerous working conditions, 7-day work weeks, slave wages.

Yes, there is plenty of power grabbing, greed, and maybe even extortion in many unions, and I'm sorry. That doesn't mean that all union activity is always bad.

Someone tell Walmart. Someone tell the Post Office.

If all owners/managers were always good, there would be no need for unions. Because of the human condition, all owners & managers do not treat their employees charitably.

Unions are a physical response to a spiritual problem. We can't change their heart, but maybe we can legislate or negotiate a contract whereby we are to be treated humanely. A sad substitute, but until the Prince of Peace Himself intervenes, we can only fight with the weapons we have.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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