Sep 3, 2015

When Beloved Toys Wear Out

The babies in the nursery loved this toy so much, it wore out. "Mrs. Connie, why doesn't the chicken stay down?" "It's just too tired, Darling."

I'm thinking of putting some ornaments on the church's angel tree at Christmas time. Surely someone has a 1984 vintage Pop Up Pets toy that their child has outgrown!

How about a Magna Doodle? Preschoolers can draw without hurting anyone or anything. It's a great toy. Ours, sadly, is worn out.

I hate to ask for toys, when there are plenty, but the well loved ones wear out after a while, and others are just ignored. It occurs to me that if the toy industry really wanted to know what toddlers like to play with, they'd ask me. I've been there since 2006, and some of the toys the kids love were ten years old when I got there!

I'm going to clean out the nursery and donate the toys that no one seems to love or play with. They deserve a better home.

If we get more toys at Christmas, fine. If not, fine. As I said before, it's just stuff. I can sing and we can have a dance party if all we have is an empty room.

Genesis 45:20: That's how I roll.

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