May 14, 2010

Undercover Edu-Boss

Yeah, I'm on Twitter. It's a good way to stay on top of breaking news and trending topics. I also have a personal learning network of incredible people who are gracious enough to share amazing resources with me. We often get some good discussions going. Sometimes I get on a roll and cannot confine all my thoughts to a single 140-character tweet.

Having watched the show "Undercover Boss" (and loving it!!!) I got into a series of tweets with another educator about having the Undercover Boss pretend to be an entry level employee in an education setting. He/she wouldn't last a week. My tweets:

I want the undercover edu-boss to teach 2nd grade math with no workbooks. I want the undercover edu-boss to serve 500 meals in the cafeteria & clean up after, minus one worker and no supply budget. I want the undercover edu-boss to teach HS Eng in an inclusion class where no one is able to be quiet for more than 10 seconds.

I want the undercover edu-boss to sit at the receptionist's desk and call 42 subs before he/she can find one to take this class.

I'm just tired of them cutting at the bottom instead of the top. They have no clue.
Baldwin County is getting a new Superintendent. God bless him with wisdom. I hope he starts his new job by spending time at the bottom. He'll learn a lot more there than in the ivory tower.

What are you learning at the bottom today?

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