May 11, 2010

Tell Me Something Good

There is a young man I see from time to time. Each time I greet him, I ask him to "Tell me something good." He often says he doesn't know anything good. Maybe he thinks I want to hear about good grades, or something like that. Maybe he's not sure what I want to hear, so he claims not to know anything.

What I want to hear is something good.

After many encounters with no satisfactory report, I finally asked him, "Can you not see that the sky is blue? The sun is out? Do you not hear the birds singing? Do you not smell the gardenias wafting on every breeze? Is the earth not still spinning on its axis? There's plenty of good. Open your eyes!"

I'll be curious to learn what good thing he has to report at our next meeting. And how I might respond if he, once again, denies knowing of anything good. Especially now that he knows there is no wrong answer.

There is no wrong answer.

What good things can you talk about today?

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